Mountain Goat in Jasper, Alberta

(Oreamnos americanus) MOUNTAIN GOAT

How large is Jasper's Mountain Goat?

  • Mass: 46 - 136 kg
    Length: to 6 ft. (1.8 m)

  • Where do Mountain Goats Live?

  • Wildlife living area: mountains - Mountain goats prefer steep, rocky areas in alpine or sub-alpine regions. They migrate between lowland winter areas and high elevation summer ranges.
    Status: no special status. - The mountain goat has only been slightly affected by humans due to its remote habitat. Recently, however, some populations have received more hunting pressure because of improved road access. This species is very sensitive to disturbance and slow to respond to management techniques. About 100,000 mountain goats are estimated to live in North America.
    Range: Native range is from southeast Alaska to Washington, western Montana, and central Idaho. Introduced in sections of South Dakota, Colorado, and Washington.

  • Mountain Goat Climbing Steep Incline loses some footing in the Rocky Mountains

    Close Look at the Canadian Rockies Mountain Goat on a Hot Day

    Details on the Mountain Goat in Jasper

  • Mountain goats are stout bodied with a thick coat made up of white hairs with some brown intermixed dorsally. The pure black horns are around 200-300mm long, rather thin, and present on both sexes. Mountain goats have relatively large, oval hooves with an almost rubber-like sole that aids them in climbing steep rock.

  • They have black glands between their horns that are used to scent mark.

Mountain goat tracks are 2.5 - 3.5 in. (6 - 9 cm.) long and are splayed somewhat in front. This may give the appearance of a 'square' track.

mountain goat tracks - Jasper Wildlife
Mountain Goat Tracks