• Jasper Wolf in 2018
  • Bull Moose Sept 2018 Beginning of Rutting Season Jasper Wildlife Tours
  • Barred Owl
  • Pine Marten
  • Large Male Grizzly Jasper Wildlife April 2018
  • Jasper Alberta Bear Cub in June 2018
  • Jasper Alberta Grizzly Bear in April 2018
  • Grizzly Bear over a Log in June 2018
  • Jasper Alberta Bighorn Sheep Mating Season
  • Grizzly Mother Bear on Jasper National Park Wildlife Tour 2018
  • Jasper Wildlife Lynx
  • Jasper Elk During the Rut
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Jasper Winter Wildlife Search

Jasper Winter Wildlife Search Overview

Location: Jasper, Alberta, Canada Duration: 3 hours (approx.)
Witness Jasper National Park's subalpine areas for a chance to spot elk, deer, moose, sheep, mountain goats, wolves, and coyotes. Jasper National Park is renowned for having an abundant wildlife population that is fantastic to view in winter. Enjoy this wildlife tour along Maligne Lake Road, admiring beautiful frozen lakes and mountain vistas while keeping an eye out for wildlife as your minibus tour driver informs you about the largest national park in Canada's Rockies.


Professional and Highly Knowledgeable Wildlife Guide.
Chance to spot native fauna such as elk, moose, and wolves.
Small-group tour provides a more intimate experience.
Informative tour designed for lovers of nature and wildlife.
Daily Jasper Wildlife Tours.

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Jasper Winter Wildlife Search Information

What to Expect on Your Wildlife Tour
Your guide will personally greet you at your Jasper hotel where you will join a small group on board a warm and comfortable minibus. As you meander slowly down the valley, you will gaze out large windows taking in spectacular views over frozen lakes, rivers and snow-cloaked forests against a backdrop of snowy rocky mountain peaks. You will be mesmerized by the expanse and grandeur of this pristine mountain wilderness. Your tour will travel to seasonal locations, which are specifically chosen by your guide that day, allowing you the best chances of seeing wildlife in its natural habitat.

While the bears hibernate during the winter, many other wildlife species remain very active. The stark contrast of the snowy landscapes provides great advantage when it comes to spotting animals such as elk, deer, moose, wolves, sheep and coyotes, so be sure to keep an eagle eye for anything that moves. You can capture your memories through photographs from inside the minibus and at selected viewing stops made at the discretion of your guide. Along the way you will discover valuable insights into the challenges of managing and protecting wildlife within the National Park. Your professional local guide will be eager to answer your questions, as they passionately share the magic of Jasper's wild winter wonderland, bringing the stories of the animals to life.

Important Details
95% of tours are successful at spotting Jasper's wildlife. However, while encounters are frequent, everyday is unique. Jasper National Park is a natural environment and wildlife sightings cannot be guaranteed.

Return Location
This wildlife tour will finish with complimentary drop-off back at your accommodation.

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