Marmot in Jasper, Alberta
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  • Photos By Paul & Coral Hamilton

(Marmota flaviventris) MARMOT

How large is Jasper Alberta's Marmot?

  • Mass: 2 - 5 kg
    Length: to 28 in. (72 cm)

  • Where do Marmots live?

  • Wildlife living area: taiga, temperate forest & rainforest, temperate grassland
    Status: no special status.
    Range:The yellow-bellied marmot ranges from southwestern Canada throughout the western United States.

  • Jasper Marmot 2 - Wildlife in 2018

    Details on the Jasper Marmot

  • Yellow-bellied marmots have distinct yellow speckles on the sides of their necks, white between their eyes, yellow to red-yellow bellies and yellow-brown to tan, straight hair with white tips. Male marmots are heavier than females. The length of the body is 45-57 cm while the tail is 13-22 cm long. They also have a thumb stump with a nail.

  • Melanism is widely found south of the Rocky Mountains.

The yellow-bellied marmot generally occupies open habitats such as steppes, alpine meadows, pastures, gravel-covered fields and forest edge. These marmots prefer to construct their burrows on open, grassy or herb-covered slopes. They generally occupy elevations of about 2,000 m but can be found at elevations up to 4,100 m in the Rocky Mountains.

Marmota flaviventris has 11 subspecies that populate extremely different climatic zones in western North America.

marmot tracks - Jasper Wildlife
Marmot Tracks