Wolverine in Jasper, Alberta's Rockies

Wolverine in Jasper, Alberta

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Canadian Rockies Wolverine

Canada's Wolverine is the largest wildlife species of the family "Mustelidae". Wolverines are stocky and muscular carnivores that more closely resemble small bears rather than their other family relatives - mustelids. Wolverines are mainly solitary animals with a fierce reputation that is also known to have strength far beyound it's proportional size.

Wolverine Behavior

Wolverines are primarily scavengers with most food coming from carrion. Wolverines either find carrion themselves or feed on it after another predator has finished. Wolverines may also take food from others predators.

Wolverines often follow wolf and lynx trails with the intent of scavenging remains of their kills. Whether eating live prey or carrion, the wolverine's feeding style is known to be voracious