Moose in Jasper National Park

Huge Bull Moose Courting Cow During the Rut

We were lucky to witness this huge bull courting a receptive cow during the Moose Rut. The active peak of rutting season for moose is generally the first two weeks of October. Farther North in the hemisphere is earlier as South is a bit later. Moose bulls may court cows for several days during their mating season. The largest and heaviest of the Deer family can often be seen in groups during this time, with both Bulls and Cows potentially competing for mates. Moose Bulls will chase off or even fight rivals for mating rights, while cows that occupy the same area may also chase each other away from a favorite bull moose. You can hear some vocalizations between the bull and cow along with seeing some very rare behavior in these gentle giants.

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  • Photos By Paul & Coral Hamilton

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(Alces alces) MOOSE

How large is Jasper Alberta's Moose?

  • Mass: 200 to 825 kg
    Length: to 10 ft. (3 m)

  • Where does the Canadian Moose Range?

  • Wildlife living area: taiga, temperate forest & rainforest
    Status: no special status.
    Range: Limited to the Rocky Mountains as far south as Colorado, and to the eastern states bording Canada.

    The Gentle Giant of Canada's Rockies - Moose Bulls, Cows and Calves

    Big Bull Moose Stops Traffic

    This Big Bull Moose Stopping Traffic is an Awesome sight in Full Velvet yet, as they Begin to become more social before the Moose Rut.

    2 Big Bulls Meet - The End of the Moose Rut

    Expecting a possible Battle/Fight between two Big Bull Moose, the Fact that the Cow is no longer in Estrus kept this situation a little more relaxed and possibly even Playful. These two Big Bulls obviously know each other well as they appear to have worked out who the Boss is in a previous Fight. One seemed to want to Play, while the Other was a little more cautious.

    Magnificent Young Bull Moose Climbs for Love

    This Magnificent Young Bull is not going to let this small summit keep him from introducing himself to the Cow on top. It really is amazing what these huge creatures are capable of at any time, let alone the Rutting Season.

    Magnificent Bull Moose Courting Cow During the Rut

    This Magnificent Bull Moose Courts a Cow nearing the end of the Moose Rut. There was not a lot of vocalization, but a close look at the Flehmen response can be seen.

    Huge Bull Moose Pursues Receptive Cow during the Moose Rut

    This Big Bull Moose is being very Vocal while He Pursues a Receptive Cow during the Moose Rut. It was a Beautiful October Evening for time with these Magnificent Creatures. This is one of the Best captures of Rutting Moose Bull Vocalizations we have to date.

    Magnificent Bull Moose Covers Ground and Swims Maligne Lake During the Rut

    This Magnificent Bull is covering a lot of Ground during the Moose Rut as He looks for suitable Mates. Here you can also see Him swim across Maligne Lake. In early Rut, Moose may move about the same distance during the Day and Night, but later in the Rutting Season, Moose travel more during the night. Good swimmers, Moose can move swiftly through water for many miles/kilometers. While swimming, a Moose can sustain a speed of 6 miles per hour(9.6km/hr).

    Largest Creature in the Park Carefully Crosses Maligne River

    Here is the Largest Moose Bull in this area just entering the Moose Rut as the last bits of Velvet hang from his impressive Rack. He was moving with purpose here, but took His time crossing Maligne River's higher than usual water flow. It is a bit early for the Moose Rut, but Mr. Big was vocalizing consistently and clearly looking for Cows to Court.

    Moose Baby out From Hiding and Growing Fast

    All baby moose calves are born in the spring of the year. Mother Moose(Cows) become pregnant in the fall, usually late September or early October. Just a few days after birth, a moose calf is capable of outrunning a human. Moose calves gain weight at an incredible rate in the first year of life. A calf will usually gain more than 1 pound a day in the spring and later will grow even faster.. up to over 4 pounds a day! When moose are born they are completely helpless. A single born baby moose calf will weigh about 30 pounds. At this time, moose calves are completely vulnerable to predators, so Cows will keep their calves completely hidden for several days. While newborn moose are born with excellent hearing and sense of smell, unfortunately, moose calves have poor eyesight like adults. Like most ungulates, a Moose Mum/Cow will defend and protect her calf vigorously from danger, making them more dangerous to encounter at this time year.

    Moose Bulls with Fibromas Tumor Growths

    Being the most common tumor reported among moose, these growths are likely benign fibromas, a wart like growth protruding from the skin. The fibromas can be smooth or appear cauliflower shaped, ranging in size from a few millimeters to over 10 centimeters in diameter. They can be hairy or bald in nature. These growths can be in multiples and can become infected with bacteria if cut and do look quite gross, but they apparently do the Moose no harm. Eventually these sores will regress and disappear. Bulls are typically fine and Moose Cows with these growths will continue to have healthy offspring.

    These Twig Eaters Grow Fast

    During fall rut and winter, Moose live almost solely on twigs and shrubs such as balsam fir, poplar, red osier dogwood, birch, willow, and red and striped maples. With their tremendous physical power, moose can travel over almost any terrain in search of food, but in Winter, Moose limit their activity to save energy. When food becomes scarce, moose will strip bark from trees for sustenance.

    In summer, Moose eat leaves, some upland plants, and water plants in great quantity when available. An adult Moose eats from 15 to 20 kg of twigs each day in winter, and in summer - 25 to 30 kg of forage including leaves, twigs, shrubs, upland plants, and water plants. Moose Bulls, Cows and Calves also eat under the surface of lakes to feed on lilies and other water plants.

    Even on a diet such as this, Moose calves gain weight faster than any other ungulate or big-game animal. The largest Moose recorded so far was a bull in the Yukon which weighed a whopping 1800 pounds.

    Big Bull Moose pursuing Cow with Calf and an Extra Arrival during the Moose Rut

    Here is our Third Big Bull Moose pursuing a cow with a calf during the Moose Rut. You can hear lots of vocalizations between the Cow and Bull in this video. Most cow moose during the rut have an estrous cycle that lasts 24-25 days, however, cows may only be receptive to bulls for a brief 15-27 hour period. Here, the Big Bull smells the urine of this cow and follows with his Flehmen Response.. which is how a Bull Moose investigates the cow's readiness to mate. This Big Bull continued to pursue the Cow, but another arrival caused them all to take a step back. The arrival of another young large Bull caused a bit of a gentle dance and lots more vocalizations, but no real conflicts as He moved off shortly after seeing the larger Bull. All of these gentle Giants looked very healthy and happy, which is wonderful to witness.

    Big Bull Moose with Cow and Calf During the Rut

    The second Mating Pair seen this Moose Rut, with this being the Largest Bull Moose seen in this area of the Canadian Rockies. All three looking very Healthy, this happy big Calf is possibly his as well. They spent a few days together before being seen mating and later in that evening, this big Bull decided to move on to another territory in search of another Cow.. disappearing in the forest after using this bridge to cross the river. You can hear some of the vocalizations between the Bull and Cow in this video.

    Beautiful evening observing a Moose Cow feeding in Maligne Lake.

    Big Bull Moose with Broken Antler Courting and Young Bulls Sparring During the Rut

    Big Bull Moose with one broken antler likely due to a fight with the larger Bull, also seen here courting a cow during the rut. Two younger Bulls also stayed in the mix following the largest Bull and Cow with persistence. These two young fellas performed a bit of sparring exercise that shows quite a difference in size between the two. Another Cow(was with the Bull with one antler) gives us a great demonstration of her reach in these beautiful Fall colors. All of these Moose were in very close proximity to each other.

    Three Healthy Bulls Entering Jasper's Moose Rut

    Bull Moose Sept 2018 Beginning of Rutting Season Jasper Wildlife Tours 2
    One of Jasper's Magnificent Bull Moose in September 2018.

    Gentle Giants Craving Salt and Conserving Energy in Winter

    When the snow becomes deep, encounters with Moose are more rare in Canada's Rockies. Here are a few peaceful moments with some gentle giants seeking salt as well as relaxing.

    Bull Moose Sept 2018 Beginning of Rutting Season Jasper Wildlife Tours 6
    Jasper National Park Bull Moose During the Rutting Season.

    Moose occur over most of Alaska. Their overall range coincides with that of coniferous forest. Generally found near streams or ponds where there are willows. Also Northern Europe and Asia.

  • Big Bull Moose Unites with Cow and Calf - Beginning of the Moose Rut

    We have just started looking for Moose Bulls uniting with Cows as the Moose Rut Begins. We hope you enjoy this short inroduction to this Years' Moose Rut with this Magnificent Bull! We expect to find lots of Bulls in pursuit of Cows during this amazing time over next few weeks in Canada's Rockies.

    Moose Encounters are More Common Now

    This time of year in certain locations, moose encounters are more common as the Moose Rut approaches. Here are some separate peaceful moments with a Bull and two Cows with Calves as they move along the Forest edges among one of Canada's most beautiful Valleys.

    Moose in Jasper, Alberta

    Bull Moose Become More Aggressive in September, Warming Up for Their Rutting Season

    Details on moose in Jasper

  • The largest member of the deer family. Adults may stand as tall as 2 1/3m high. The largest recorded antler spread is over two meters. Moose are good swimmers, able to sustain a speed of 6 miles an hour. They move swiftly on land. Some have been clocked at 35 miles an hour. Moose measure in height up to 7.5 feet.

  • Bull Moose Sept 2018 Beginning of Rutting Season Jasper Wildlife Tours 7
    A Very Healthy Bull Moose in Jasper, Alberta.

    Moose Calf Sept 2018 Beginning of Rutting Season Jasper Wildlife Tours 3
    A Moose Calf Looking for it's Mother for a Short Period before Reuniting.

    A Mother Moose Cow Running her Calf off During the Rut

    Moose Cow Sept 2018 Beginning of Rutting Season Jasper Wildlife Tours 4
    Moose Cow Nearing the Beginning of the Rutting Season in Jasper National Park.

    Healthy Moose Calf Finishing His First Winter in 2018

  • They generally live in forested areas where there is snow cover in the winter, and prefer moist conditions where there are lakes, ponds, and swamps.
Jasper Wildlife Moose Male - 2018
Jasper Wildlife Moose Male - 2018
Jasper Wildlife Moose Female - 2018
Jasper Wildlife Moose Female - 2018

Moose eat twigs, bark, roots and the shoots of woody plants. In the warm months, moose feed on water plants, water lilies, pondweed, horsetails, bladderworts, and bur-reed. In winter, they browse on conifers and eat their needle-like leave. They require 20kg of food per day.

Moose tracks are 5 - 6 in. (13 - 15 cm.) long and more pointed that the similarly-sized elk's. Dew claws are evident in snow, mud, and when running.

moose-tracks - Jasper Wildlife
Moose Tracks