Bison or Buffalo in Alberta's Rockies

Bison Buffalo in Jasper, Alberta

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Size of Alberta's Buffalo

  • Mass: 319 - 900 kg
    Length: to 12 ft. (3.7 m)

  • Where do Buffalo Live?

  • Wildlife living area: taiga, temperate forest & rainforest, temperate grassland
    Range: At one time, bison were widespread from Alaska to northern Mexico. Now bison have been exterminated in the wild except in Yellowstone Park in Wyoming and Wood Buffalo Park, Northwest Territory, Canada.

  • Details on Alberta's Bison

  • The body of the bison is huge, ranging in length from 3.6 m to 3.8 m in males to 2.13 m to 3.18 m in females. They are also tall animals, with the height at the shoulder ranging from 1.67 m to 1.86 m for males and 1.52 m to 1.57 m in females. Two distinctive features of the bisons are the shoulder hump and their huge head. The color of the bison is brown, is longer in the front than in the rear of the bison. The distinction between hair length is more noticeable in males than females. The horns of the bison are black, and they curve upward and inward, ending in a sharp tip. The legs of the bison are short but firm. The hooves are black and are circular in shape.

Originally, bison were found primarily in and at the fringes of open prairie. Now, however, because of their limited numbers, bison are found in many fewer habitats and their movements are very controlled. Within the national parks bison are found at all elevations.

Rounded tracks are 4 - 5 in. (10 - 13 cm.) across. The bison does not have dew claws.

bison tracks - Jasper Wildlife
Bison or Buffalo Tracks