Grizzly Bear Pair Wrestling on Front Lawn of Cabins

Obviously, these 2 Grizzly Bears know each other very well. There seems to be a trust in this fight that nobody gets hurt.

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Big Grizzly Mum "Pretty Face", and Her Spring Cubs Appear at the Lake

"Pretty Face" is a very Big and Capable Grizzly Bear that has shown an incredible temperament and restraint so far, while bringing Her Spring Cubs out among so many people. While everyone loves to see this beautiful Grizzly Bear Family, we hope she finds a Great, Peaceful space away from people and other Bears very soon.

Grizzly Mum and Tiny Cubs Make Numerous Dangerous Highway Crossings

This Grizzly Mum seems to be choosing the safety of being around People rather than other Bears to raise her Young. This may be Her First successful Family and these Tiny Cubs are Lucky to Have such an Awesome Mum with Many Guardians. On the Flip Side, this Grizzly Family has to make Numerous Dangerous Highway and River Crossings for this First Year to be a Success. Stress must be High for them at times.. Please Drive Safe and Slow in Wildlife Zones.

Jasper Back Country Grizzly Bear Family

Grizzly Bears Eating Lush Vegetation
A lot of rain in the Rockies(July 2019) has ignited the landscape with lush vegetation. Grizzly Bears may completely avoid areas that humans frequent, leaving many berries uneaten. Even though less energy-rich, it is more reliable for Bears to feed on insects and vegetation, however, a mostly vegetarian diet does require a very efficient process of consumption.

A Grizzly Bear focused on insects, even with an abundant Berry crop just as accessible in Jasper.

Young Adult Grizzly Bear in Jasper's Rockies among 2019's lush vegetation.

16 month Old Grizzly Cub Siblings Wrestling in Jasper Alberta

Large Male Grizzly Bear Emerging from Hibernation Digging for Nutrients 2018

Grizzly Bear Mother with Cubs of the Year

Grizzly Bear Cubs Clowning Around and Play Fighting

Grizzly Mother and Cubs feeding on an Elk Carcass in Athabasca River - Jasper, Canada Rockies

Grizzly Bear in Jasper National Park, Alberta; Just Out of Hibernation

Full of Berries, Satiated Grizzly Heads North for Hibernation

We don't think we have seen this Grizzly before, but she was certainly not shy about her travel, as you can see. Luckily, she didn't spend too much time near the highway and took a turn North.. possibly to a Canadian Rockies area that is very isolated to prep for her Hibernation. It's nice to see a Big Belly on a Bear this time of Year.

Jasper's Grizzly Bears

Jasper Grizzly Bear April 2018 - Wildlife

  • Grizzly bears have been long considered the most dangerous animal in North America, although real danger of attack from a Grizzly Bear is often exagerated. In general, brown bears attempt to avoid human contact and will not attack unless startled at close quarters with young or engrossed in a search for food. They are very unpredictable in temperment, however, and often exhibit impulsive and petulant behavior.

  • Jasper Large Male Grizzly April 2018 - Wildlife

  • Many people in Jasper have had encounters with Grizzly bears and all would tell you that there was instictual fear present, but all would also tell you that their Grizzly encounter left them with more of a peaceful understanding. Although equipped to kill humans very easily, the Grizzly bear is observed as wanting space when around us, showing an obvious interest in either us or him not being present to an encounter. As humans are the intruders here, it would be expected of us to retreat, but often it is the Grizzly bear that does so.